CIC #12 – Project Reflection Statement

philadelphia reflections

Reflections of Philadelphia 

These are the reflections about my creative project of the CIC Coursera course.

You can find the project steps here:

Project – Exploration

Project – Design

Project – Experimentation

1-List what worked and did not work during your experimentation phase.

My experimentation phase was a simulation because my project is quite complex and requires long implementation times. I imagined about some difficulties that may occur which I point out in the slides (12-13) that you can find here:

The overall project will certainly manifest other difficulties because all items will be involved in the STEEP strategic plan on a large-scale. At this point, it must search specific roles between people who will help me with specific skills.

2-Reflect on the changes that you have made from your original idea.

When I sent the questionnaire to colleagues -you can see it here: -,

I realized that some teachers couldn’t give sleep for the night, but they had an interest in learning methods for teaching with ICT. So I think that it is possible to exchange with invitations to dinner, look after the kids for an afternoon, DIY odd jobs, something else, in exchange for learning. This applies to teachers who are in the same city or living nearby. This could also be the starting point of the project more extensive in the future.

3-Plan the steps you will take to meet your long-term goals after the course has concluded.

Having regard to paragraphs 1 and 2, I think I’d do so:

  • Open a website where collecting the exchange requests. It could be a Google form (Drive), having particular attention to privacy, security and reliability of the data.
  • Organize a Google map where hosts and tutors have different pin’s colors in order to allow visualization of the possible exchanges between teachers.
  • Organize the teachers’ contacts, so that the parties agree on the give and take.
  • Collect feedback from every experience and recalibrate the system.

All this could be possible

E tu, cosa ne pensi?

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