CIC #2 – Project – Exploration


Phase 1 Exploration:


TPT – Travelling Personal Tutors (Tutor in viaggio)

Introduction: Italian school is rather backward in teaching/learning with new technologies. Normally teachers don’t have a good relations with them. Most of them, moreover, are not able to approach with the Web and they prefer to have a face to face training to learn how to implement a didactical project, also just to know how to use web tools or attend an online course (the average of teachers’ age in Italy is about 50 years).
So I though the next solution.


 My project consists of to make meetings teachers: knowledge in exchange for hospitality.

-On the one hand, there are teachers training in ICT in the school. In Italy we have a good network of tutors.
-On the other hand teachers who want to learn ICT, but they aren’t able to start alone. They could be absolute beginners, or they’d want a specific training for their project needs.

Example: the tutor can travel during the end of lessons and go as guest (accommodation and food), to the teacher‘s location (city, village etc.) who instead needs the presence of a colleague, who teaches him/her how to use technology for a didactical purpose. Note: the tutor could be retired teachers too.

The exchange is between:
– the tutor gives knowledge and assistance in a project, but he/she also has spare time to visit the place, for enjoying the city, the nature, arts and so on (Italy is full of nice places, arts and natural environments);
-the teacher gives hospitality and has in exchange a one to one class, contextual to his needs, that consists of some hours a day of ICT training.

The terms of the exchange will be discussed between the two teachers involved. The organization might suggest some standard formulas.

Starting point:

First I’d like to know if this idea has some interest among Italian teachers. So I’ll ship a module, made with google drive, in which I invite teachers to respond to a questionnaire of interest and then I’ll analyze the answers.


If the answers are positive, I need to begin the project of a online platform to manage the meetings with needs and availability, and all the other important elements about: enrollment, security, privacy, training offer, feedback, social networking and so on. This project is quite complex and needs a deep analysis and original solutions, but I know there are similar initiatives in the field of volunteering. I’ll study the best practices of some of them.

Here the project phase 1 file audio

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  1. I love your project and the manner in which you have shared it. I have so much to learn about how to develop websites and organize my project to share. I do not even tweet. Oh well I have forever to keep learning. susan

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