CIC #5 – Project – Design

Last week I wrote the first phase (Exploration) of my Creative Project. You can find it here. I have identified, as the starting point, an online questionnaire to be submitted to my colleagues. You can see in the presentation  below the responses of 90 of them, divided into teachers who would like to use the technologies, and expert tutors in ICT and media for learning.

Interpretation of the data:

  1. The tutors interviewed were enthusiastic about the project. (86% would be willing to move to help colleagues).
  2. In the other hand half of the teachers surveyed is available to host the tutors in exchange for personal training. Others, who have not given the availability (29), would still be interested in training (23). See the Q5. Thus, the project could also provide exchanges between teachers and tutors in the surroundings of their home, exchanging other kind of favors, e.g: an invitation to dinner.
  3. The limit of this survey is that I didn’t reach teachers who are not on the social networks (the most) so, to to have a more realistic view, you should do a survey with a representative sample in statistical terms.


  • Conduct research – What else has been done in the area(s) I’m exploring?
    This project follows the example of other initiatives such as Informatici Senza Frontiere (ISF) to which I will ask detailed informations at the appropriate time.

  • Define metrics – How will I measure success?
    Initially I can measure the success of the initiative on the basis of the interest of stakeholders. (See the survey above). After, with quantitative and qualitative feedback on the individual experiences, also discussions and adjustments about project among the members of the (future) staff.

  • What is the timeline of your experiments you will undertake -this can/will go beyond the 8 week course.
    The implementation of the project takes time because it needs further collaborations and technology infrastructure. I think it will take about one year for experimental timeline and development of the project. For the strategic planning I have identified the STEEP elements:


  • How will you maximize the learning from your failures.
    I think to start with some evidence from the tutors available to test the exchanges and to analyze the challenges as they arise. One of the most important element, to be considered in the beginning, is the communication between the stakeholders. Then you have to implement an online platform that face meet individual needs. These two must be professional and could be financed with crowd funding.

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