CIC #10 Big Rocks – Exercise

big rock

Make a choice on the ONE biggest accomplishment you can make in the coming week at home, and the ONE biggest accomplishment you can make at work or school.  Just one each.  These are your Big Rocks.

– Name the Big Rock for home with a 1 sentence description, and do the same for the one for work.  Not two rocks each, just one.

  1. Home: I have to prepare a short speech at the first International Self Publishing Festival
  2. School: I’ll work in a confined space with my students. I have to invent activities that keep them engaged.

Describe the internal feeling that you have. Do you feel anxious, something like, “I’m not sure I can do this – I have so many things to do!”  Do you feel relieved?  Do you feel peace?  Do you feel free?  Or trapped?  Write down your feelings.

  1. Home: I’m pretty quiet. It is not the first time that I speak of my self publishing experience to people. Nonetheless, there are some points that I have to consider:
    • time – I will have a few minutes, I’ll be brief;
    • target – the public will be very varied, not many teachers, but people interested in digital publishing;
    • environmental conditions: I’ll speak outdoors, the weather…
  2. SchoolI have no problems to plan the lesson, but I am a bit disappointed because I wish to work with adequate spaces. My work area will be of 30 x 5 meter with a class of 22 – 26 students. 

– List the times during the week that you plan to work on each project, before the week starts.

  1. Home: I began with the reading of all I wrote about my SP experience and what other people wrote about my ebook. I thought to speak as a parents, not a teachers, and focus on the economic advantages for families about SP in school, and the involvement of the students in the ebooktext writing.
  2. School: I thought to organize e double group of work every class. In the meantime a group performs an endurance test (30+30 meters x 10 times), the other plays in couple some volleyball dribbles and abs exercises in the center line of the area. Then the groups switch. At the end every student gets a score.

At the end of the week, write notes about how successful you were in being disciplined in keeping your Big Rock time, or any failures.  Failures might happen, especially as you are trying this for the first time.  This is another IFF process – start with the failure, identify what you learned, and move ahead.

  1. Home: The speech was brief and effective (so friends said). On the contrary I forgot to say people that they can buy my ebook on the principal stores, and find others insights on my web site, (I am not much interested in the trade. Other authors more astute, did it). I can publish a short post to recall the links. I can use the hashtag #ISPF2013 on the social networks.
  2. School: The lesson I planned finished in about 40 minutes so, in the remaining time, I organized, improvising, other games like team relay races, always in those damn 30 x 5 meters. I learned long ago, but again, that the ability to improvise is always a good friend.

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