CIC #11 – Your Own Synthesis of CIC


This is my synthesis.

All the teachers theories about Creativity, Innovation and Change were interesting. At first I’d want to speak about Creative Diversity because it was for me totally new. I liked the rational approach that makes clear the expression of creativity, more adaptive or more innovative. I appreciated the scientific references too. Now, for me, it is easer recognize different way of creativity, inside me but also in my students. Most of them, in fact, are creative people who need more autonomy, others need to be guided to adaptive forms of creativity. I think I’ll be more careful and tolerant towards different needs.

I really hope that Mrs. Jablokow will soon publish the book of the course notes. I would read them in sequence and have it on my kindle. 🙂

About CENTER I’d say that I found very interesting the meta reflections about myself in order to Character, Entrepreneurship, owNership, Tenacity, Excellence and Relationship. I’ve done some of the exercises (I plan to do to others and to complete reading the book later), that I found very useful to focus attention on specific objectives and go straight to the target. Thanks to Mr. Velegol.

Intelligent Fast Failure has been for me a pleasant confirms. I always give importance to the failures and errors. Learning is a creativity process too, and when I teach I can see in my students the continuous refinement of their actions. But that is a process that I can perceive in myself when I’m learning something new. I think all we need to consider the error as an important resource from which have feedback for improvements. I’m totally agree with Mr. Matson, his tips and fan exercises.

 In the beginning the course was hard. I spent a lot of time to try to understand the overall structure and to read, listen and write. After the second week I was more relaxed. I said to myself: “take it easy, you will have time to review the contents later!”

My level of interaction has been quite active. I have read the posts of classmates and I gave many “like”. Sometimes I answered or explained my actions, but writing in English for me is quite tiring, and this course helped me to train to write too, because I don’t have many other occasions in my work and life. I am very glad that Mrs. Jablokow interacted with me, it was an honor. For a learner it is important to know what the teachers think about the work and give  some track. Thanks. 😉

Now the course is finishing but I think to reflect again later on the contents, the exercises and on my creativity project. Like any new thing that I learn, I’m sure that this course will help me to better deal with my job, my hobbies and my family life.

I thank all the teachers, the The Pennsylvania State University and Coursera that gives us a very effective way of learning. I really like it!


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