CIC #7 – The ABCD’s of Managing Resistance – Exercise


  • Think of something that you WANT to do, but have even some doubts about:

I would like to achieve the PhD

  • Have your partner come up with a list of 10 reasons why it will never work – the “adversities”.
  1. you are old
  2. you might get tired
  3. you do not have the basic of knowledge
  4. I don’t understand why. You have a nice job.
  5. I don’t understand what.
  6. you should quit your job
  7. you should go to study abroad, are you sure?
  8. you would have less free time
  9. you would have less time for your family
  10. often you should go to the city and you know you don’t like it
  • Have your friend come up with some “beliefs” and “consequences” to critique you with. You’re really asking for it here!

You like studying. Every time you embarked on a project, you’ve always completed it. Your studies have always come up with something creative. You like changing, you cannot stand the routine. Recalls, if you start you’ll also end up!

  • Now here is where YOU come in. Your job is to develop a “disputation”.

It’s true, I’m not a young student and I like to have some relax moment every day. For some time I’m studying those subjects in which I’m not very prepared. Yes, I like my job, but I think I could do something else, I’m very curious about what I’m studying. I’d stay with inspiring people and I’am sure to give them something, I know to have good competences and, generally I find original solutions to problems. I like to listen what other people say about different tasks. I’d want to spend these last years of jobs to research with other people who are interested in the same topic. I normally spend my free time to study and read, for me it wouldn’t be difficult to continue. I could study abroad for some time, my daughters are grown and work, my family is independent. Yes, I don’t like living in a big city, but I can choose a little town university.

Then repeat the exercise, with you providing the ABC’s, and your friend providing the D’s.

  • Have your partner (my daughter) come up with a list of 10 reasons why it will never work – the “adversities”.

Requalification of old and bad quality furniture elements using colored varnishes and brand new or recycled decorative stuff. The participation is allowed to everyone just by paying an annual quote to the association. The headquarter is a laboratory in a city center, easily reached by the association members, and the activities are followed by the technical equipe which suggest the best way to manipulate materials and choose the appropriate treating compounds. The restored pieces are then re-selled through both an online store and a boutique to finance further requalification activities.

  1. what city did you choose?
  2. do you know how much is the rent of a warehouse in the center?
  3. to those who do you ask money for the initial investment?
  4. who will always be there in that place?
  5. who will clean the place?
  6. how will people will bring there the furniture to be restored?
  7. the security costs could be very high
  8. you must buy many tools
  9. who manages the online sales?
  10. It is a nice idea but I think it will not work
  • Have your friend come up with some “beliefs” and “consequences” to critique you with. You’re really asking for it here!

I know that my daughter likes very much restoring old things. She made beautiful pieces changing old furniture in new modern one. She has good practical skills and deep knowledge about restoring; overall that’s her field of studies, but the project she is showing is too much complex, because it depends from many variables that are difficult to manage and a quite big investment of money (I think it’s difficult to find people who invest blindly). I think she can start with a smaller activity by herself and try to sell her pieces by the Internet. After she could organize a bigger and shared work.

  • Now here is where YOU come in. Your job is to develop a “disputation”.

Yes, I like a lot to repaint and repair old stuff. I guess it would be time-consuming, but at the same time I would have fun and the people coming there would enjoy as well. This kind of activity actually requires a (relatively) small capital, and several facilities are available for cultural associations (e.g. grants for the use of commercial spaces given by the municipality, shorter bureaucratic paths etc.). Anyway, the project may start with a small activity and then develop accordingly to its success!


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