CIC #9 – Measuring Your Ideas – Exercise

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As Jack mentioned in the video on Metrics, learning how to measure our ideas is an important skill that can help us track our creative progress. In this exercise, we want you to practice measuring your ideas using several simple metrics and then reflect on your observations.


Step 1: First, you need to record some ideas

Step 2: Now, we’d like you to measure your ideas using the 4+ metrics listed below. 

  • Quantity: How many ideas did you generate each time? I genereted 4 ideas.
  • Variety: How different are the ideas from each other?  Moderately different for the tools, very different for the processes.
  • Novelty: What kind of novelty do your ideas represent? Are they more adaptively creative or more innovatively creative. Three of them were adaptively, one, IMHO the best, more innovatively.
  • Efficiency: How efficient are your ideas in terms of implementation? I used things that already exist but I create a new system to use them.
  • Your Choice! What other ways can you measure your ideas? I explain the one I realized. It was an ebook that explains how to make etextbooks in selpublishing with the students’ collaboration.
  • Metric 1 lag – my idea was ahead of its time so I think its lifecycle is about 5 years
    Metric 2 lag – I put it in a book and I thought the first year at least 50 people bought it, instead they were about 300
    Metric 3 lead – I hope to see made at least 10 products within 2014
    Metric 4 lead – I hope to translate the ebook in English and publish it in the first 2014

Step 3: Finally, it’s time to reflect on your observations.

What have you discovered about your ideas? I found that my skill with ICT could become something useful for me and my colleagues. What initially seemed like a trivial thing, instead turned out to be interesting for many people.

When do you generate more or less of them, for example? I left out a few ideas that did not seem quite original and innovative, such as a handbook too general and not specific to the school or publish my idea only on my blog. At the end I made an ebook, published by an emerging publishing house.

Do you tend to generate ideas that dig down into a particular line of thinking, or do your ideas tend to spread out like a fan? All my ideas tend to hit a particular goal, where I identify a problem, they go specifically to allow you to change established habits.

What kind of novelty do you tend to create, and how easy or hard will it be to implement your ideas in the short/long term? The novelty is that I found an easy way to write collaborative textbooks. I thought that it would be difficult to understand by colleagues, however, many of them are now following this practice, me too.

What patterns do you see in your ideas, and how are those patterns both enabling and limiting to you over time? The models come from my own knowledge, experience and my work. It’s hard to list them. They helped me very much and I used them flipping the normal processes.

If you could change the way you generate ideas, what would you like to do differently? I wish I could argue with someone who had my own visions, but I did not find.

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