Wall-ten: racket sport

Wall-ten is game that needs a gym with free walls. It consists in a mix between tennis and squash. It’s fun!

Take a look at the videos below:

1 – Goals of the game

The goal of the game is to repulse a tennis ball with tennis rackets in alternate shots betwen two players. The ball must touch the verical and the horizontal areas of the game field. The foul of a player gives the point to the opponent. The winner is whoever reaches 10 points.


2 – Why wall-ten?

I have called the game “wall ten” because it looks like a tennis match but played also with the gym’s walls,  “ten” because it remembers the word tennis and the player who collects “ten” points, wins the match.


3 – The playing field

Well,  the vertical field on the wall is 6 m wide and 4 m high , and the horizontal one is 8 m x 8 m on the ground, (see the picture). Around the last one, leaves about 2 m of free space.


4 – Equipment

To play wall-ten are nedded  two tennis rackets, one for each player, and two tennis balls, played one at time.


5 – How to play

One player starts the game hitting the ball wich must touch the vertical area and then bounce on the horizoltal one. Then it’s the turn of the second player and so on, alternating the shots.

The manche finishes  when a player makes a foul. After  the other player starts the game. Remember: just one bounce each time!


6 – Fouls

  • the ball beats out the vertical or the horizontal area;
  • the ball bounces twice on the horizontal field;
  • block foul: a player prevents to the other to catch the ball. In the case of unintentional foul, restart the ball.



7 – Score

Every foul gives a point to the opponent. The first player who reaches ten points wins the game. You can play one  set or more, the best between 3 or 5 games, as weell as the tennis game.